Stories of a Young Trainer

I have recently embarked upon a journey across Kanto. I will be blogging on here every step of the way.
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All the training paid off! Charmander evolved, and we had some sweet battle with a woman that we met near the edge of the forest (if i’m reading my map right, you never know, i’m useless with directions)

unholy numbers of bugs in this place, and probably as many bug catchers. Heard that pikachu are often found here, yet to see one yet though. Been solid training here regardless; having a charmander in this place makes life a hell of a lot easier. All kakuna seems to do is get hard, sounds a bit like my friend dean. 

Had a really good time at the inn in Viridian last night, and i’m now on my way to viridian forest. One of my favourite places in Kanto, will be posting some photos later! 

So me and Igneel have just arrived on the outskirts of Viridian City; you can see it at the top of the photo. Also, we were greeted by a caterpie. The two of them were really quite sociable ahah. Had to change into my long shirt, was getting quite cold. 

So i’m making my way to Viridian City, pretty happy about the start of something big, and what do i see? this little young twat who knows nothing, and he one bangs a SHINY RATTATA. this is why i decided to leave later on in my life after a bit of research. On the plus side, i’m almost at my inn and it has been a lovely walk. Such a nice route and igneel has had a lot of training. 

look what professor oak gave to me! i’ve always wanted a charmander, and i’ve named him igneel. 

We’re just chillin over the woods near pallet at the moment, so excited to start this proper bright and early tomorrow!

also we bumped into a crazy battle whilst walking back, here’s a photo of it just beginning! apparently they were friends training against each other before they tried to take on the elite four, really motivating me to work hard and get a really strong team like these guys! 

photo of mum’s eevee at the park near pallet town. mum’s getting all emotional now, and i have to admit i am as well. One disadvantage of waiting so long before leaving i guess.

On leaving

I’m in a bit of a strange position; most decide to make tracks and begin their journey at a very young age, ten being standard. I’ve spent the last few years researching what I’ll need ect, as well as spending time with my mother. Today is finally the day to leave, at the age of sixteen. Wish me the best.